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The Ingredient Traditional Ramen Recipes Never Use

According to The Japanese Way, to call instant ramen noodles ramen isn’t actually culturally accurate. Ramen cuisine is related to hand-pulled wheat noodles, served with rich pork and chicken broth, chopped scallions, and barbecued pork. Not only that but there are different varieties of ramen depending on what region of Japan you’re in and each of them differs in style and preparation. Spoiler alert: You’ll simply never find dehydrated instant noodles in a traditional Japanese ramen dish.

Instant ramen noodles are basically one kind of dehydrated noodle with particular flavor options added, which is very different from the lengthy preparation that traditional ramen requires. Hand-pulled ramen noodles are used to create ramen dishes, but dehydrated instant noodles aren’t suddenly considered ramen if you add them to hot water. Serious Eats also notes that traditional ramen is much more pressing of an issue than instant ramen noodles. Traditional ramen is meant to be eaten as soon as it hits the table. The noodles are made fresh, and ramen purists say they should be eaten no more than five minutes after entering the hot broth. So slurp away, friends!

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