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How to Make Lethe Hamburger and Egg in Harvestella

Want to know how to make Lethe Hamburger and Egg in Harvestella? As you progress through Harvestella, you must keep track of many indicators of your character, but perhaps the most important among them is hunger. If your character is hungry and his hunger bar is too low, you won’t be able to fight or travel, and it will slow down your progress. To prevent this from happening, you must cook and eat regularly. Fortunately, the game is full of delicious and satisfying recipes. One of the starter dishes that anyone can make is Lethe Hamburger and Egg. Our guide is here to help you and tell you how to make Lethe Hamburger and Egg in Harvestella.

How to Make Lethe Hamburger and Egg in Harvestella

Lethe Hamburger and Egg is a hearty and tasty dish that is great for the beginning and middle stages of the passage. Delicious steak combined with a delicious fried egg looks like the best you can get at the beginning of the game. This dish will restore quite a lot of HP and satiety and improve your poison attacks. But as with any recipe and item in the game, you must first unlock the Lethe Hamburger and Egg recipe. Luckily, this is relatively easy to do, as all you have to do is visit the Lethe General Store and purchase the Homely Lethe Recipes booklet for 300 Grilla.

After reading the booklet, you will automatically receive four new recipes, one of which will be Lethe Hamburger and Egg. Once you have completed the previous requirement, you must collect the following materials to make Lethe Hamburger and Egg in Harvestella:

  • Meat (2). To get this material, kill any monsters near Lethe Village.
  • Egg(1). You can get this material from Cluffowls or buy it from the Lethe general store for 120 Grilla.
  • Little Mushrooms (2). If you want Little Mushrooms, head to the woods near Lethe Village. You can collect this material from the wild, but unfortunately, you cannot grow it on your farm.


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After collecting all the materials, go to the kitchen and select the Hamburger and Egg recipe from the list. In addition, the cooking process will take 40 minutes of in-game time, so do not plan other things for this time. And once the dish is ready, you can eat it and get the following effects:

  • 2450 HP
  • Stamina +100%
  • Poison Damage UP
  • 30 Hunger Replenished

Harvestella is now available for PC and Nintendo Switch.

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