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Que Tortas! San Antonio owner got started selling tacos from truck

When Anna Montano decided to get into the food business, she was selling tacos out of her Toyota truck and was consistently told they were so good she needed to open a restaurant. But she wanted to stand out from the area’s prominent competition with tacos, so she decided to open a restaurant that primarily focused on tortas. And 10 years ago, Que Tortas! restaurant was born.

The torta can be many things, ranging from cakes to pies and other things, but here it’s mostly associated as a sandwich filled with various meats with lettuce, tomatoes and other toppings.

Located in Leon Valley, Montano calls her restaurant the culmination of a dream. During our visit, she was filling up cups of sauce that are all made in house, proving she leaves no room for shortcuts.

“Everything we do is made with love,” Montano said.

Her tortas, served on buttery and crispy hoagie rolls baked from an outside source, make up the bulk of the menu with 20 options, but you can also get a hamburger, nachos, quesadillas, burritos and tacos (including breakfast varieties). Prices have increased slightly over the years due to the costs of meat, but you still get a pretty good deal with everything on the menu priced at about $12 or less.

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Best sandwich: The top torta seller here is the Cubana ($11.99) and it’s an experience of love at first bite. The ulta moist roasted pork was dripping as I ate it and had just enough seasoning to make it obvious, but still allowed the pork flavor to be the shining star. And the oink doesn’t stop there, with a layer of ham and bacon added to the mix along with beautiful slices of avocado, shredded lettuce and a creamy cheese spread to boot.

A traditional Cuban sandwich has pickles, so that was the only thing that prevented this from a near-perfect score, but this was one of the best ones I have had in the city.

The Traditional sandwich at Que Tortas! has ham and a creamy cheese spread finish.

The Traditional sandwich at Que Tortas! has ham and a creamy cheese spread finish.

Chuck Blount/Staff

Other sandwiches: You also can’t go wrong with the chorizo asada torta ($10.99) that blends the wonderful flavors of grilled steak with the spicy kick of the chorizo. I would call it a nice bridge sandwich between breakfast and lunch. Grab plenty of napkins though and maybe a spoon, because things can get messy in the best of ways.

The al pastor torta ($10.99) was solid, too, although the avocado did most of the flavor’s heavy lifting. The chunked, slightly overdone and rubbery grilled pork used in this one lacked the awesomeness featured in the Cubana.

Loaded with ham, lettuce, tomato and avocado, the Traditional ($10.99) is your standard deli-style sandwich that keeps things simple. While not overwhelming, nor disappointing, you can do better with so many other torta options. This is a sandwich that felt like I was about to go on a camping trip and my mom made bagged sandwiches.

Location: 7500 Echkert, Suite 152, 210-782-7679, Facebook @quetortasTX.

Hours: 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Mondays-Saturdays, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sundays.

The overall Que Tortas! experience was a good one and Montano’s passion for the business is evident, so it’s easy to see why the restaurant has been in business for a decade. I will eat here again when I’m in the neighborhood, and you should, too. | Twitter: @chuck_blount | Instagram: @bbqdiver   


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