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BEST EATS: Hot Cheetos quesadilla and fish tacos at Mr. Avocado’s

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — I like Flamin’ Hot Cheetos straight out of the bag. Placing them in burritos or tacos is a gimmick I usually avoid as the Cheetos seem to either get soggy or distract from other, better ingredients.

But Mr. Avocado’s Mexican Asada Grill uses Cheetos appropriately in their quesadillas, depositing a judicious amount where they provide crunchy hits of flavor that don’t overpower the meat and cheese.

Located a stone’s throw west of Hodel’s Country Dining on Olive Drive, Mr. Avocado’s has a salsa bar offering as many pickled jalapenos and onions as your heart desires, and three salsas of varying heat level.

The fish taco combo at Mr. Avocado’s.

The green salsa, relatively mild, worked well with the fish taco combination plate, two tacos piled with perfectly grilled fish (you can choose fried fish instead), shredded cabbage, diced tomato and a creamy sauce. The combo comes with rice and refried beans.

The fish tacos make for a satisfying meal at Mr. Avocado’s.

The taco combos may be the best deal on the menu, and if fish isn’t your thing you can get a three-taco tri-tip plate, or other meat of your choice.

Mr. Avocado’s serves breakfast as well. Get there early for chilaquiles or breakfast burritos.

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