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$15 Fakeaway Friday: Fish curry tacos by Alex’s Kitchen Story

Taco Tuesday is so last week! Fakeaway Friday is where it’s at! This week’s mouthwatering money saver is brought to you by Alex Stone – AKA the genius behind fan-fave foodie ‘gram @alexskitchenstory. Video / Alex Stone

In 2022 it seems almost impossible to save money, buy good food and treat yourself all at the same time. Enter Fakeaway Fridays, the Herald’s new series where we create fake takeaway (fakeaway) meals that not only are delicious and nutritious but also come in under $15 and serve 2-4 people.

So instead of dropping $50 for a takeaway meal this Friday night, why not try a Fakeaway! It’s easier than you may think with our simple tips and tricks and partially-made products already hiding on your supermarket shelves.

Based in London and with 39k fans from all corners of the globe, Alex Stone, a.k.a. the genius behind fan-fave foodie ‘gram Alex’s Kitchen Story is known for sharing her easy-to-follow, often vegetarian comfort meals that are surprisingly healthy too.

Today she parts with her Fish Curry Taco recipe, which puts a certain mass offering’s Taco Tuesday to shame and comes at a fraction of the price to feed the whole crew!

Stone says: “Enormous amounts of flavour come from this curry yoghurt sauce! Goes perfectly with the fish and crunchy slaw and the whole meal comes together to make a super indulgent, tasty, bright, and colourful taco! Highly recommend trying this one!”

Fish Curry Tacos

For the tacos

4-5 frozen fish bites – $4 (Alex crumbs her own fish in the video, but to keep it budget conscious, frozen is fine)

Tortillas – $2.99

For the slaw

1 carrot – 50c

1/4 small cabbage – 75c

1/2 cucumber – $1.25

1/2 red onion- $1.50

1 chilli – 50c

Handful coriander – 50c

1 tbsp apple cider vinegar – 10c

For the curry yoghurt sauce:

4 tbsp thick Greek yoghurt – 50c

2 tsp curry powder – 40c

1 tsp cumin seeds – 35c

1/2 tsp turmeric – 20c

4 tsp olive oil – 20c

2 tbsp honey – 50c

1 tsp crushed ginger – 5c

1 lemon – 90c

Total: $15.19


Pop your fish in the oven and begin with the curry sauce.

Add curry powder, cumin seeds, & turmeric to a small pot with the olive oil on medium heat.

Mix and cook for a few mins or so until well combined and fragrant. You want the spices to cook so they don’t taste like raw spice, but do not burn.

Spoon the yoghurt into a bowl. Remove the spice paste from the heat and pour it into the yoghurt, mix well then add the lemon juice, ginger and honey to the bowl and mix again until everything is well combined. Set aside.

Julienne carrots and cucumber, and thinly slice the cabbage and onion.

Finely dice the chilli and tear the coriander. Add all to a bowl with the apple cider vinegar and mix well, set aside.

Lastly, heat the tacos by either lying them on an open flame for 10 seconds or so on each side until slightly charred, or however you like to warm them.

Build the tacos by spooning plenty of sauce on the base, followed by the slaw, then fish, season well and enjoy!

Serves 4

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