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These are the best restaurants to satisfy your Taco craving in Miami, Fl | The Southern Guide

It could be trickier to find tasty tacos in Miami than in areas where they are more common, like Los Angeles. You can easily grab a fantastic Cuban sandwich or ceviche in Miami. But those delicious tacos exist out there in Miami, and it’s much more fun to find one of them; you’ll simply need to do some preliminary research. This article will help you in finding some of the best Taco spots in Miami, Florida.

Taqueria Viva Mexico

Taqueria Viva Mexico offers authentic Mexican street food, including mouthwatering tacos and nachos topped with a selection of fresh salsas. The tacos are prepared using only natural ingredients and in traditional street food fashion. They solely utilize corn tortillas made by the neighborhood tortilleria.

It is located at 2516 SW 8th St, Miami, FL 33135. It has a blue facade and colorful papel picado hanging from the ceiling. The less typical Miami taco variants, such as oreja, lengua, and tripe, are what this establishment excels at. In particular, the tripe and oreja are wonderful and incredibly tender. Additionally, they offer big sides of salsa and taco toppings so you may mix and match as you choose.

Tacos El Machine Gon

Tacos El Machine Gon is a food truck from North Miami Beach that parks on some astroturf next to a gas station. The address specified is 2590 NE Miami Gardens Dr, Miami, FL 33180.

They make their tortillas out of blue corn, which not only adds a unique visual element to the dish but also gives each mouthful a satisfyingly chewy feel. The fillings are made of soft, non-greasy meat. Quality cinnamon is used in the production of even the horchata, and you can taste the difference.

With sliced sirloin, thick Mexican chorizo, and crisp yet puffy chunks of pork rind, their self-titled “tacos El Machine Gon” must be one of Miami’s most compositionally pleasing dishes. But please don’t come here without getting a costa. These tacos are made with crispy cheese logs that have been griddle-cooked and are stuffed with your choice of beef, chicken, mushroom, or shrimp.

Wolf of Tacos

The Wolf Of Tacos is a Mexican eatery situated at 130 NW 24th St, Wynwood Art District, Miami, Florida 33127. It is a street food pop-up that was created during the epidemic. The Wolf Of Tacos is the greatest spot to get real, high-quality Mexican street tacos, tasted in every bite.

Since they are a pop-up, you may follow their Instagram profile to find out where they will be next. Pork, chicken, and steak are frequently available on the menu, all of which are simply seasoned with the right quantity of cilantro, sliced white onion, and salsa.

You can find rib eye, longaniza with cheese, suadero, and especially the pastor, you can get pastor anywhere but not this exceptional pastor. Salsas are completely authentic, so use caution as they could be too hot for some.

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