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The Ramen Topping You Should Never Skip

If you’re a regular at any ramen shop, you’ve probably noticed that after the broth and noodles, you’ll always see a healthy scattering of scallions or green onions. Their bright flavor is considered a perfect match for ramen’s comforting savoriness, with Serious Eats noting that even instant ramen flavoring packets usually have some dried scallion. Don’t let those dried ones stop you from having the fresh stuff on hand because the more powerful hit of fresh scallions or green onions pushes ramen up a notch.

Scallion’s perfect marriage with ramen is a good reminder that they really are a kitchen essential beyond their permanent presence as a garnish in East Asian cooking. Southern Living will remind you that they work just as well as chives with your scrambled eggs, and there is rarely a soup or salad that scallions won’t elevate. Just make sure you know how to keep your scallions fresh so you can have them at hand whenever you need them, and they will stay a true ramen hack that’s as easy and accessible as the packaged noodles.

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