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BTS’ Jin fulfils one of his biggest wishes with Ottogi’s ramen brand of the same name

On Wednesday, November 9, South Korea’s food manufacturing giant, Ottogi, announced that BTS’ Jin would be the new advertising model for their famous Jin Ramen brand, and the commercial featuring him will air starting Friday, November 11.

With this, BTS’ Jin fulfilled one of his biggest wishes, which was to endorse a namesake noodle brand. In fact, sometime in late October, The Astronaut singer dropped a hint on Weverse, saying:

“One of my wishes after debuting was to film a CF for ‘Jin ramyun’..”

At the time, fans had no idea that BTS’ Jin had modeled for Otoggi’s Jin Ramen, one of Korea’s hot favorites.

BTS’ Jin x Ottogi collab gets ARMYs excited

Ottogi’s official Instagram account teased a teaser video with the caption – “Do you like Jin Ramen? Ramen that is always true to taste. Friday, November 11, coming soon”.

The teaser video featured their iconic Jin Ramen with a burst of blue, purple, and red colors in the background, with a song similar to BTS’ music playing throughout the video.

The caption, too, featured a “bora purple heart,” which is BTS’ group color. ARMYs got excited and began guessing that BTS’ Jin would be the new advertising model for Ottogi’s Jin Ramen, and now on November 9, Ottogi officially confirmed their collaboration with Bangtan’s oldest member.

In fact, in the first photo released, BTS’ Jin stays true to his image of “Worldwide Handsome Jin,” looking smart in a blue cardigan and holding a packet of Ottogi’s popular Jin Ramen brand.

ARMYs are excited about this dream collaboration between BTS’ Jin and Ottogi.

Fans are happy that BTS’ Jin has fulfilled one of his biggest wishes since debut – to advertise for Ottogi’s Jin Ramen, his namesake brand.

In fact, an ARMY shared an old video, “Eat Jin,” the Super Tuna singer’s mukbang show, where BTS’ Jin describes his love for Jin Ramen and tells his desire to be the ramen brand’s model in life someday.

“I’m glad the ramen uses my name. I’ll model for them someday. It’s my dream.”

Based on the teaser video shared, ARMYs also suspect that Jin Ramen might come in a special purple package to honor The Astronaut singer.

i guess that was why seokjin commented “it was my dream to film a jin ramen commercial ever since i debuted” and deleted it immediately after! he was spoiling his actual jin ramen commercial 🥺💜

Shortly after confirming the collaboration with the Super Tuna singer, Ottogi released a statement revealing that they are happy to have the BTS’ oldest member on board for Jin Ramen.

They believe that Jin’s sincerity and passion towards his music and BTS are in tandem with the brand’s flavors and taste, and thus, he is the perfect fit for his namesake noodle brand. Also, both BTS’ Jin and Jin Ramen are at the top of their game, delivering consistent quality results.

“We will effectively communicate the brand value of Jin Ramen, which has been a steady seller for the last 35 years, in tandem with global artist Jin.”

It is now left to be seen whether Jin can help his namesake noodle brand overtake another fan-favorite instant ramen brand – Nongshim’s Shin Ramen. Before Jin, chef Baek Jong-won and actor Namgoong-min were advertising models for the brand.

More about Jin’s latest activities

and Seokjin is now the Jin ramen model as he wanted🔥

On October 17, BIG HIT MUSIC confirmed BTS members will be enlisting in the military, starting with the group’s oldest member Jin, who will enlist in the military sometime at the end of the year.

Shortly after that, BIG HIT MUSIC confirmed that Jin will release his debut solo album, The Astronaut, in collaboration with Coldplay.

The song is co-written by Jin and Coldplay’s Chris Martin, who also did the backing vocals for the song along with his son Moses Martin with the rest of the members doing instrumentals for The Astronaut.

The soulful song was released on October 28 amidst much excitement and fanfare as it is Jin’s parting song before enlisting in the military.

The song topped the iTunes music charts in 97 countries, including the US, UK, Germany, and France. The Astronaut currently has 38 million views on YouTube.

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