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Inspired by a childhood in Brazil, this carbon trader started her own ‘cheeky’ kids’ clothing line in Singapore

The idea of twinning did sound very cheesy before I became a mum, but after, it hit me that it is actually so sweet to twin with your little ones – when they still want to twin with you! But there are so few great twinning options – most of them are designed identically for adult and kid, but then you have to make a lot of compromises because an adult body is so different from a child’s, or they were just designed for the purpose of twinning without too much thought.

I found it so sad that the majority of mass-produced kids’ clothes are in Morandi-esque colours, i.e. a little washed out. I believe children are naturally drawn to colours – happy colours, not pastel ones.

So, I wanted to create something that was equally beautiful and functional – easy, breezy, happy, for modern families in Singapore. Life is too short for dull moments, and we design to impress. Our clothes are purposely designed without linings unless necessary, and we try offer an option for the family to twin, but all the garments are designed and evaluated individually with a lot of thought.

We chose to work with premium fabrics such Liberty London, Tana Lawn and Irish Linen, because a good fabric will last, and they are just perfect for Singapore weather. Light, airy, not see-through (so there’s no need for a lining) and beautiful!

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