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7 Places to Get the Most Delicious Ramen in Westchester

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As the weather gets colder, here’s where to grab a warm bowl of ramen full of your favorite toppings in Westchester County.

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Who doesn’t love a warm and cozy bowl of ramen? Just in time for the arrival of cooler temperatures, Westchester restaurants heat up the dining scene with steamy bowls of slurpable, twirlable noodles topped with all the fixings. Here’s where to go the next time you’re craving an order of the good stuff.

Ani Ramen House

1943 Palmer Ave #7, Larchmont; 914.341.1650

Slurp, sip, repeat is the motto at Larchmont’s Ani Ramen House. The eatery utilizes traditional, hand-rolled ramen noodles that have been interpreted for modern times. Offering unique and vibrant flavors, this is a ramen restaurant not to miss. Enjoy such ramen dishes as classic shoyu, spicy miso, Chef’s special, vegan, and more. Pair them with a creative cocktail or one of the many different varieties of sake.


26 S Central Ave, Hartsdale; 914.428.1203

Fujinoya is a go-to spot for all kinds of authentic Japanese dishes like sushi, katsu, and udon. At this establishment, three types of ramen are on the menu: simple soy-sauce shoyu, buttery miso, and ginger-infused tonkotsu with garlic oil. Each ramen dish is made with a chicken, pork bone, and fish broth blend.


50 S Buckhout St., Irvington; 914.479.5898

GoSu is a family-friendly establishment that offers a full menu. The ramen dishes here are absolutely divine, so start by choosing between the soy or miso broth. Each ramen dish comes complete with bulgogi and veggies. The enticing flavors will warm you right up!


163 S Central Ave, Hartsdale; 914.949.0600

Situated in a strip mall along Central Ave, Kishuya excels at creating deeply flavored stocks to bathe its noodles. To start, there’s the traditional chuka-soba that is soy- and chicken-based ramen made with classic ingredients like chashu pork, nitamago, menma, naruto, nori, and scallion. For a unique spin on ramen, try spicy Tantanmen, a bowl of tonkotsu slick with chili oil and topped with ground pork, bok choy, and crushed sesame seeds. Wash it all down with a Japanese hefeweizen, rice lager, or IPA.

Ramen Musashi

816 White Plains Rd, Scarsdale; 914.472.1468

This in-the-know spot is tucked into the back of a Fuji Mart Japanese Market on a busy roadway, but seek it out and you’ll be rewarded with some of the county’s best ramen, including silky bowls of pork-bone tonkotsu with caramelized chashu pork and springy noodles submerged in near-perfect shio and shoyu broths.


1008 Main St, Peekskill; 914.930.1788

RamenNesque is a Greenwich Village-styled ramen restaurant with several iterations of ramen on the menu in Westchester. Noodle-slurping diners have a tough time choosing between divine ramen options such as classic shoyu, rich miso, and funky kimchi. Those who can tolerate the heat love the TomYum for its fiery, tangy, Thai-inspired broth. All dishes are made with fresh produce and natural flavor enhancers.


19 Anderson St, New Rochelle; 914.365.2267

Families and college students pack this lively ramen joint every day of the week. The first true ramen restaurant in New Rochelle, Roc-N-Ramen has mastered the art of ramen in a trendy Westchester atmosphere. The curry-oxtail ramen, full of springy noodles, fragrant curry-tonkotsu broth, and meltingly tender meat, is worthy of a pilgrimage from any corner of the county.

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