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This House Let Trick-Or-Treaters Choose Candy Or A Potato

Potato or candy? It’s a question that would seemingly have an easy answer: “Candy, of course!” But when trick-or-treaters in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, were presented with the opportunity to choose between the two on Halloween, absolute hilarity (and a bit of uncertainty) ensued.

According to a Facebook post from Sarah Ross that was shared by Upworthy, the fun began when she was handing out full-size candy bars to trick-or-treaters and threw a potato in the bowl to mix things up. She was subsequently met with all the emotions: excitement, sadness, and confusion.

“First kid, very young. Takes the potato and is incredibly excited. Tells every other house on the block: ‘I GOT A POTATO’…Parents very confused but excited about it,” Ross wrote in her post.

It seems that Ross’ unexpected social experiment has even led to the creation of the steampunk outfit-wearing Potato Gang. “We are now at FIFTEEN potatoes. A group of teens in steampunk outfits came by. They’re peer pressuring friends into getting it. Every teen is yelling about the potatoes. Amazing. They are yelling ‘POTATO GANG’ at each other,” she revealed.

The starchy story led to commenters sharing the times they had to improvise on Halloween when they were out of candy or just felt like being creative.

“In our 20’s living in an apartment didn’t have a clue how many kids would come by. Ran out of candy, checked the pantry and had cases of ramen. Started handing out ramen and even more kids knocked asking for the ramen,” wrote one commenter on Upworthy’s Instagram post.

You know we have to ask…would you choose candy or the potato? If you choose the latter, try making a few of these recipes.

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