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Haunted House of Hamburgers Opens Up in Farmingdale, NY for Year-Round Halloween Feasting

You won’t find too many Halloween-themed restaurants out there in the world and you’ll find precisely one in Long Island, New York: the Haunted House of Hamburgers!

Haunted House of Hamburgers just opened up for business on the days leading into Halloween, and it’ll be staying open YEAR-ROUND in Farmingdale, New York.

Located on 330 Fulton Street in Farmingdale, Haunted House of Hamburgers aims to bring a little Halloween fun to every day of the year, the restaurant offering up a menu of treats and drinks that are all appropriately horror-themed. The menu includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner options, plus a slew of “Undead Desserts” and special “Crypt Keeper Cocktails.”

Items include Silver Bullet Pancakes, Ominous Omelets, Tombstone Tacos, Vampire Bat Wings, Killer Clown Clam Chowder, Tarantula Burgers, Poltergeist Pulled Pork, and more.

That’s just the tip of this spooky iceberg, with the massive menu loaded with anything and everything you could think of – including meat alternatives for vegetarians like myself!

The owners explain, “Here at Haunted House of Hamburgers we love Halloween and Hamburgers, so why not have them both everyday? We are proud to serve delicious hamburgers, mouth watering appetizers, fresh green salads, hot soups and so much more.”

And it’s not just the food that’s Halloween-themed, as the entire restaurant is decorated both inside and out – with Frankenstein and the Bride hanging out on a bench outside!

Head over to the Haunted House of Hamburgers website to learn more.

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