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What Makes Restaurant Burgers Taste Different From Homemade Burgers?

Imagine this: Two friends love hamburgers. These meaty sandwiches are their go-to item when eating out. However, when each of them tries to describe their ideal hamburger, they describe two different sounding dishes.

Now, let’s set aside that everyone has different tastes regarding toppings and condiments. Just the burger itself can be vastly different, depending on the restaurant. As The New York Times reports, hamburgers from restaurants tend to be either smashed thin with crispy edges or plump, tender, and charred. So, depending on which version a restaurant wants to feature on its menu, the chef must carefully measure out the patty. For instance, the thinner burger like the kind found in diners usually comes from a patty that’s weight is only 3-to-4 ounces while it’s still raw. The thicker burger, which is often seen in pubs, is usually 7-to-8 ounces precooked.

But wait, aren’t there “monster-size” burgers at some restaurants? Yes, but as Geoffrey Zakarian, the chef and owner of the National Bar and Dining Rooms in Manhattan, told The New York Times, “You want to get some heat to the inside of the burger. You don’t want some giant, underdone meatloaf.” For that reason, he warned that hamburgers weighing more than half a pound can be a bad idea.

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