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The Nutty Addition That Will Change Your Hamburgers Forever

Wide Open Eats is a big fan of peanut butter and ground beef, noting the chameleon-like character of the ubiquitous American spread and its ability to bring nuanced balance to a variety of flavor profiles. When it comes to burgers, the outlet suggests either mixing the peanut butter into the ground beef before making burgers or using it as a condiment when serving burgers. The pre-cook method adds fat that lends itself to a burger that’s juicy on the inside and crispy on the outside. Used as a condiment, peanut butter will melt with the heat of the cooked burger.

The Triple XXX Family Restaurant goes the condiment route, slathering a layer of peanut butter on the bun for its Duane Purvis All American burger. Back in 2007, Guy Fieri took a big bite and declared, “I absolutely don’t enjoy that at all,” before calling out for his Mom (via YouTube). Thirteen years later, in 2020, he gave it another try. This time, it was at Sabores in Logan, Utah. Needless to say, Fieri was a bit skeptical after his experience at Triple XXX, but this time he was delightfully surprised (via YouTube), declaring, “That’s good. The chipotle aioli and a little bit of the sriracha take the burger from being sweet and really heavy peanut butter to being a little spicy peanut butter, like a Thai peanut dipping sauce.”

Love it or hate it, adding peanut butter to a burger is a matter of taste.

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