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Neighborhood hamburger stand on the cheap

When I was in about the third grade, three or four neighbor boys and I came up with an idea of how we could make some money. We would build a hamburger stand out of our backyard sandbox. We were getting a little old for the sandbox anyway, so we might as well turn it into a money-maker.

We decided to nail some two-by-fours into each corner of the sandbox then nail boards across the top to tie all of the corner posts together. We could put some plywood on top. Since the plywood wouldn’t be exactly level, we figured the roof would likely shed rain water off one side.

We ended up with a small room with open sides. We built a counter along the front, where we could sell our hamburgers. Mom had a two-burner hotplate in the basement, which we could plug into a garage outlet and use to cook our hamburgers. This provided everything we needed for our business, except the bread, meat, mustard, ketchup and pickle relish. But we had a plan for that.

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