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Clio Enters the World of Websites (and SEO) || Are Lawyers Like Spam and Ramen?

Conrad and Gyi take an early look at Clio’s foray into website design and the connection between lawyers and ramen noodles. Plus, some quick takeaways from the brand new 2022 Clio Legal Trends Report.

Continuing its effort to be your law firm’s one-stop shop, Clio is now entering the website design and hosting arena. Is Clio’s new offering, which specializes in sites for lawyers and seamlessly integrates with the Clio universe, going to be the answer to getting your firm out there on the web? Will all its bells and whistles get you noticed, get you to the top of SEO rankings, and bring in clients? The guys share their appreciations and hesitations on Clio’s new service, and how it compares to website builders in general.

And then, it’s time to get Econ nerdy. We all see what’s going on with the markets these days, and all feel the rising costs. Maybe you haven’t quite yet started swapping out your nice flank steak for a can of Spam and your linguine alle vongole for a bowl of ramen, but you’re feeling that grocery bill just a bit more. The guys get into how lawyers should be thinking about their pricing as buying power goes down and the demand for legal services, counterintuitively, goes up.

Plus, important insights from the new, 2022, Clio Legal Trends report. What are the most important things to a potential client? Survey says: you’ll have to listen to find out!

The News:

  • Updates from Clio Cloud Conference 2022
  • Gonzalez v. Google, the struggle over Section 230 and liability on the Internet. The Supremes may be poised to engage.
  • Google business profiles are still getting penalized.
  • Conference season is upon us, Crisp and Great Legal Marketing events are coming soon. AAJ Winter Convention 2023 is in February, and the ABA Techshow is in March.
  • Justice For Me legal financing startup raises $10 million in funding.

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