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BTS’ Jin reveals his ultimate career dream 10 years after debuting and ARMY can’t help but support him

While ARMY would like to see actor Jin or YouTuber Jin soon, Jin appears to have other dreams in mind. Recently revealing one of his biggest dreams after debuting as a K-pop idol, the BTS member left the entire fandom in stitches with his aspirations.

The singer was back with his shenanigans on Weverse as soon as he stepped off the plane from Seoul to Buenos Aires. Responding to ARMY with his chaotic and savage energy, the BTS star once again went viral all over social media.

From seeking food recommendations in Argentina to complimenting his own concept teaser pictures, Jin seemed to be having a gala time interacting with fans. Among all this chaos, Jin revealed that he had one specific dream that he wanted to acheive after he debuted as a K-pop idol. Can you guess what it is? Well let us tell you, the BTS star wanted to be a cf model for a ramen brand! However, not just any ramen brand, but the widely popular Jin Ramen.

In response to a now-deleted question, Jin said, “My dream after debuting is to film a commercial for Jin ramen!” With a love for food and the same name as the popular ramen brand, it makes sense why Jin would want to be a model for the brand. Let’s hope we can see him as a ramen commercial film model in the future!

Meanwhile, Jin’s first-ever solo single titled The Astronaut in collaboration with American band Coldplay is set to drop on October 28 KST. The BTS member is currently in Buenos Aires, Argentina to perform the track at Coldplay’s MUSIC of the SPHERES world tour. The show will be streamed live in select theatres.

Following his solo schedule, Jin will enlist for the mandatory military service by the end of the year. All the other members will follow suit.

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