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16 Instant Ramen Brands, Ranked Worst To Best

Although many associate ramen with Japanese food, ramen actually has roots in China, stemming from hand-pulled Chinese noodles, called “la-mian” (via Bite My Bun). However, ramen in Japan evolved to take on its own distinctive identity and continues to do so today. A-Sha USA was founded in 2015 by Young Chang, an American with Taiwanese roots (via Los Angeles Times). The brand launched distinctively shaped “meteor noodles,” made with a 100-year-old Taiwanese recipe but with cutting-edge patented two-blade technology, “paired with a new sauce made with fermented soybean paste.”

A-Sha products are varied for those who like to mix it up from standard ramen: think thin noodles, medium noodles, spicy noodles, and, for the fancy, there’s even a Crazy Rich Ramen 4-pack set, replete with Astrea Premier Caviar, edible 24 gold flakes, and one fresh scallion stalk, available on Amazon for $640. If that’s too rich for your wallet, the other A-Sha ramen packs average at around $3.60 per pack. The best flavor is the Spicy Mala Ramen, which is a hearty enough serving to fill you up, and since the noodles are air-dried, the quality is better than other instant ramen types.

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