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Haunted House of Hamburgers Creeping into Farmingdale Just in Time for Halloween

The Haunted House of Hamburgers is a family-friendly horror-themed restaurant that is currently under development with an anticipated opening date of October 25th.

If you’re the type of horror fan who wishes that Halloween lasted 365 days a year – in addition to having a healthy hankering for hamburgers – then you’ll find that a new restaurant opening up in Farmingdale is just what the ghoul ordered.

Jordan Desner of Plainview is the proud owner of the Haunted House of Hamburgers, a family-friendly horror-themed restaurant that is currently under development with an anticipated opening date of October 25th…just in time for Halloween!

“I’m a huge Halloween fan, and a huge cheeseburger fan. I decided to put two together…makes sense, doesn’t it?” he said. “I’ve always been a huge horror movie guy – Halloween, Friday the 13th, all the classics, I love them all – plus Halloween is my favorite holiday. I was actually even born on Friday the 13th, so it’s already in my blood!”

While Desner wants to remain secretive about the elaborate decorations and ambiance of his upcoming eatery – preferring customers to experience the frightful delights themselves first-hand – it can be said that the Haunted House of Hamburgers features numerous high-end, dastardly decorations sure to get your blood pumping. Desner is embracing the concept wholeheartedly, channeling his lifelong love of all things dark and macabre into the proceedings.

To that end, he recruited Little Spider Creations – a Myrtle Beach, South Carolina company that specializes in designing haunted houses and displays – to make the trip up to New York in order to help realize his vision.

And the result, according to Oliver Holler of Little Spider Creations, is turning out to be an establishment that even horror greats Peter Cushing and Vincent Price would be proud to chow down in.

“First, we consulted with Jordan, and got an idea of his likes and dislikes,” Holler said. “He really loves Halloween and the concept of having it 365 days a year and he’s really into the classic imagery, the classic horror icons, and we developed those motifs in areas of the restaurant.”

This is Desner’s first foray into the restaurant business; previously he had been the owner of two Long Island movie theaters, but decided it was time to invest in his true passion. To that end, he found the perfect person to help him get this exciting venture off the ground in the form of general manager Susan Klein, who boasts over 35 years in the business.

“I’ve worked at cafes in Manhattan, TGI Fridays’ on Long Island, City Cellar, and just about everywhere else.  I came very highly recommended to Jordan by a number of people,” Klein said. “The funny thing is that for many years, I was terrified of Halloween! So I’m going to have to suck that up here, haha. But I’ve been out there spreading the word, and I can’t wait for opening day.”

But for those wishing to experience an early taste, one can simply drive by the currently in-development establishment – located at 330 Fulton Street, the site of a former Friendly’s restaurant  and note the creepily boarded-up windows, Frankenstein statues, and even a graveyard that is in the process of being erected. Clearly, the Haunted House of Hamburgers is shaping up to be a horror lover’s delight.

“I had to do something Halloween-themed in my lifetime, and I was thinking of different venues to do it, and since I love hamburgers so much I figured I would give it a shot,” Desner said. “When I came across this location, it just made sense. I saw the vision. I knew a Friendly’s had the correct configuration for a haunted mansion, so when I found this location I knew it would be perfect.”

But of course, the Haunted House of Hamburgers isn’t simply an ode to one man’s love of all things dark and creepy; first and foremost it is a restaurant, and Desner ensures his future patrons that the fare he’s serving is devious, diverse, and most importantly, delicious.

“It’s a big menu. We have our signature hamburgers, a build-your-own-burger, and for people that don’t want beef, we have turkey burgers and even plant-based impossible burgers,” he said. “We also have chicken sandwiches and other sandwiches, entrees, soups, salads, desserts, shakes and sundaes, and even flatbread pizzas. A little of everything.”

The restaurant will also be having a “Horror Q” night twice a month – on the 13th and the 31st – where they will offer an additional barbecue-themed menu along with their regular fare, as well as breakfast every Saturday and Sunday between 8:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m.

While the Haunted House of Hamburgers is indeed a horror-themed restaurant through-and-through, Desner maintains that it remains a family-friendly experience and that it doesn’t go overboard, ensuring a fun and exciting experience for children as well as adults.

Speaking of adults, the Haunted House of Hamburgers also has a full bar at the front of the establishment, and the restaurant itself can accommodate between 70 and 80 dine-in guests. Servers and staff are encouraged to wear their favorite Halloween-themed costumes, but not an outright requirement; instead, they can opt to wear an all-black uniform instead, including a polo shirt with the “Triple H” logo on it.

Also, customers of all ages are encouraged to dress up in-costume any day of the year while attending the restaurant, as it’s always Halloween in the Haunted House of Hamburgers!

In the end, Desner said that opening up a Halloween-themed restaurant was something that was absolutely on his bucket list, and he is overjoyed to finally be bringing this to a reality. He invites anyone and everyone who has even a passing interest in horror and great food to come check out the Haunted House of Hamburgers when it opens on October 25th.

“It has not sunk in yet,” he said with a chuckle upon the thought of finally realizing his dream. “I think it will sink in when the first customer walks through the door. I invite everyone to come on down to Triple H, where every day is Halloween.”

To find out more, please visit or call 516-777-1031 (the last 4 digits being, of course, the date of Halloween).


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