From MSG to hot instant ramen: nine food staples to seek out in your local Asian supermarket

Get the idea of the big UK brands that you’re likely to find on the big supermarket shelves out of your head. Instant ramen noodles are big business in Korea, Japan and further afield for good reason.

hey are thicker and more robust – maintaining a nice bite – while the accompanying rich liquid seasonings are unctuous, powerful and extremely savoury. There are a host of options available (in the Asia Supermarket there’s an entire wall filled with them) but it’s hard to go wrong with Samyang. The brand’s Buldak Hot Chicken range (which includes options such as carbonara, kimchi, cheese right through to very, very hot options) is your go to for big flavour and spice, while the Chacharoni black bean noodles are deeply dark and savoury.

Instant ramen noodles

Shiro dashi

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